Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keep warm New Years Day and look dazzling

Arctic Night Gowns just in time for New Year's Eve. A sultry backless dress adorned with soft and pettable fur. It comes in two colors and each set includes top, glitch pants, gloves, 3 prim fur skirt pieces, and a fur ruff.

The fur pieces have resizing scripts included but are still modifiable for tinting.
Permissions are modify, copy and no transfer. 300 L each.

Happy New Year!

Ookami Ningen

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whimsical Leg Warmers

I was looking for something to complete a silly Christmas outfit I was wearing when I thought about making these.
Green (not pictured) or red fur leg warmers topped with sculpt candy canes, stars and lil presents. Each set has a pair of prim legwarmers and a glitch sock layer. Only 1L per pair! Copy only.
Ookami Ningen

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally some fur!

Furred and regular winter cloaks and capes just in time for Christmas! A perfect way to complete almost any winter outfit. There are two items per set. One with and one without fur trim on the hood.
Seven sets to chose from - black, black/white, blue, green, purple, red and white in either cape or full cloak style.
All are modify, copy and no transfer.
250L per set.

A gift of the teal cloak version was sent as the group gift. Also there's an in store freebie teal cape set on one of the "new" stands. Merry Hoho from Ookami Ningen!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

'ON Gold n Lace Wreath

I just put this freebie out as well as the hat I made last year. I'll try and get another lil treat out in the next week!
The wreath is copy only but has 2 sizes in the box. They are 6 prims each and remember they're free!
Merry hoho!

Ookami Ningen

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frou Frou to You!

Wow it's been awhile thanks to a dead computer and a half failed back up.
A couple of releases I was working on before my lil disaster.

First up is Frou Frou. A lil gothy, a lil lolli and a lot sexy. Lots of satin , tulle and of course crosses!
The set includes a top on jacket layer, lil shorts with lace, a sculpt neckline, 2 sculpt sleeves, a tulle and satin prim skirt and a pair of satin and lace sculpt bracers with a glove glitch layer. It comes in black or wine and is modify, copy and no transfer. 250 L each.

I liked the bracers a lot so decided to make them in leather as a separate release. They come in 5 colors black, blue, purple , red and teal and also include matching glitch layers.
A green set (not pictured) was sent out as a group gift.
Modify, copy and no transfer they are 50 L each color.

Find them at Ookami Ningen.

Stay tuned as I'm working on some nice furs and Christmas goodies!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unearthly Remains

Just in time for Halloween! A few spooky but elegant things to wear for men or ladies from Ookami Ningen.

The Remains of the Day series has soft glow settings to highlight your avatar.

The dress set includes shirt, sculpt and lace sleeves, a large and small lace collar, glow skirt and regular skirt. 250 L

The mens cloaks set has one cloak with a clasp and one without. 150L
The ladies cloaks have both a glow and regular cloak. 150 L

The Remains of the Night series lets you show your darker side.

The dress set includes shirt, sculpt and lace sleeves, a large and small lace collar, skirt. 250 L

The mens cloak set has one cloak with a clasp and one without. 150 L
One regular cloak for the ladies (not pictured) . 150L

All items are modify, copy and no transfer.
Find them at Ookami Ningen

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moonless Night

A new release for the men this time. Moonless Night is a 5 piece Gothic Kilt Set. It includes a black tank top on both shirt and jacket layers, glitch pants (real kilt wearers don't need them but PG areas insist), prim leather and dark tartan kilt and dark tartan shoulder cloak. Permissions are modify, copy and no transfer 250 L

Find it at Ookami Ningen.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dark Soul Bracers and Rose Belts

I love accessories and not only make them but I buy a fair amount as well. I had wanted a belt I could wear over simpler dresses and found a few nice ones but not what I had pictured in my head so I decided to make one.
I've only posted pictures four of them here but there are two metal bases, dark and gold. Each has five leather colors to chose from, black, blue, purple, red and teal that also has a complimentary dark gem.
The green sets were sent out as a group gift.
The belts are modify, copy and no transfer and are 75 L each.

I've also made a set of studded bracers as my partner had requested ones like these a few times. There is a large and a small pair included. They are modify, copy and no transfer and are 100L for both sets.
Find these at Ookami Ningen.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's a Fashion Filled Fundraiser!

Phoenix Psaltery and his SL/RL wife Sansarya Caligari are both long-time, well known residents in SL. He owns part of one of the oldest SL newspapers, The Metaverse Messenger, and Sans blogs about her passionate love for SL fashion.

Just a few days ago, Phoenix went into complete renal failure and has ended up in intensive care at a hospital away from his home town, with a shunt for dialysis. Unfortunately, there are other complications as well, including pneumonia. Finances have gotten dire for them as Sans has to stay at a hotel while he's in ICU, not to mention other expenses that are incurred and with children left at home in the care of relatives.

So their SL friends have joined together to help them! We are putting on an all day auction and live DJ event. Many people have donated items such as transferable Dazzle dresses, and merchants such as myself have made limited editions for sale at this auction only.

*NOTE* Please make any direct donations and donated auction items to Fundraising Moxie. This is Katt Kongo's alt and she'll be dealing with the donations.

Here's the Slurl!

The event starts Saturday August 23 at 10AM SLT, with a fabulous DJ line up.
9 AM till 10 AM Cylindrian Rutabaga (Live performance and she was just added to the line up!)
10 AM till Noon Siggy Romulus
Noon till 2 PM aEoLuS Waves
2 PM till 4 PM Esma/Io
4 PM till 6 PM Lucifer Baphomet
6 PM till 8 PM Lecktor Hannibal
8 PM till 10 PM Vivianne Draper
10 pm till Midnight Augustus Bainbridge

And here's a taste of what's for auction:

* Limited Edition Purple Latex Kimono by Zorena Deckard (Ookami Ningen)
* RL original oil painting by Jen (from Jen) SL name Schechinah Enoch (title: Currents Oil on Canvas 2004 20"x24") Free shipping is included if it gets a price of $250USD or more.
This is a minimum so the auction should start at that price for this item.
The pic can be seen here: http://secondsurvivor.com/SecondSurv...&postcount=111
* 1k gift card to Blaze (from Susanne Pascale)
* 2 years of ad rotation in SLTrivia (from FlipperPA Peregrine)
* 1/2 black & white page ad in special print SLCC edition (worth $467 USD) (from Katt Kongo)
* Metric ton of clothing from Dazzle and Last Call (from various donators)
* Original one of a kind outfit from A2NZ "P2" Rubber cloak
* A lot of stuff from Aeolous Wave's store.
* Limited release outfit from 2006 from Pixel Dolls (donated by a buyer not Neph)
* Fat pack of Full line of Elegance hats (from Morrigan)
* Full set Fat Little Sofa, Fat Little Chair, and Fat Little Ottoman from Relic
* Not yet released AMBIANCE Henna Collection Living Room Set by Desiree
* 'Very Large Domed Tent - Brown- Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* 'Very Large Domed Tent - Buff - Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* 'Very Large Domed Tent - Purple - Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* 'Giant Potato on flatcar with sign' by Osprey Therian
* Tons more I couldn't fit here !

I'm also setting out a special edition dress for sale during the event at both the auction and my store in case you can't get in to the auction.
Ookami Ningen

Here's your chance to help someone RL and get something nice for doing it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's a Grand Opening Party!

Now that things have settled down a bit I figured it was a good time for the Grand Opening party! Plus it's a milestone birthday for me RL so I thought I'd combine it all into one big party.
Saturday July 5th.
Starting at 3:00 PM SLT DJ Vivianne Draper will kick it all off by playing some awesome tunes. From 4:00- 600 PM SLT DJ Lucipher Bahomet will bring his own unique style to us and do his Satanic Verses show here at Ookami. To close festivities, DJ Mourna Biziou will take us from 6:00- 8:00 PM SLT with her eclectic and dancable mix.
I'm going to put out a special edition of the Apache Dancer set out as a freebie just before the music starts and if you happen to find me dancing I might have another gift for you!
Beebo Brink from Brazen Women Shapes and Skins who has a store on Ookami Ningen also mentioned she'd have a few freebies, sale items and a new release as well!

Monday, June 30, 2008

'ON Fashion Show Releases

Thanks to all that attended. The show was a great success! I have to thank Nex Core for all the hard work and their wonderful sets. It really added to the atmosphere!
Now on to the releases. There are 8 new ones, an updated older one and a joint release. Both Zulus and the Dancing Swan were also in the show but have been previously blogged here.

First up we have a joint release from Ookami Ningen and A2NZ that kicked off the show.
Based on the main character of around the world in 80 days. Dark tan well detailed pants and vest with a white suspendered shirt. Overcoat of a lighter tan consisting of clothing and flexi prim with brown leather accents and brown leather sculpt and cloth based gloves and a jaunty sculpt tophat.
Modify Copy No Transfer 300L

Second up we have the Apache Dancer set. Based on the a style of French dance circa 1930. A very suggestive dance. This link gives a pretty good history of it.
Bold black and white strip top with detached matching sleeves. Black belted hip hugger mini skirt and glitch shorts, knotted black neckerchief.
Sets come in black and white, black and wine , wine and white. Modify, copy and no transfer. 175L

Moving on to Italy we have Carmella Coat Dresses.
Pastel coat dresses that can be worn as is or with pants/jeans. Pale mink flexible collar and sculpt fur cuffs, prim skirt and prim matching parasol with pose.
Comes in 6 colors cream, lavender, mint, peach, periwinkle and rose.
Modify Copy No Transfer 250L

Now onto colorful India we have Durga's Promise.
Based on East Indian saris. Short backless choli top with hand painted brocade trim, glitch pants , long full skirt and long neck scarf.
Set also includes a sheer skirt.
Comes in colors red, green, purple, teal, blue.
Modify Copy No Transfer 250L

Back to Paris we have a slinky lil cabaret number called Parisian Nights.
A shiny latex tank top and short furred flexi prim skirt with glitch shorts. Black only. Shirt and pants come on all layers.
Modify Copy No Transfer 175L

Still on a French note we have Regimented for him or for her.
Based on Napoleonic officer's uniforms. A multi buttoned jacket with clothing and flexi prim and a pair of flap style button trousers . Sculpt cuffs and black prim boots complete each set.
Regimented for him comes in Blue/ gold or black /silver.
Regimented for her comes in Blue/ gold or black /silver.
Modify Copy and No Transfer 225L

Now to a bit colder climate, Russia.
Dashing Cossack is a rerelease that's been updated a bit. As well as all the original pieces I've added a pair of the Officer/ rider's boots in black and it will now have the new permissions of
Modify Copy and No Transfer. Still only 250L
I'll be updating the female version, Chic Cossack shortly as well.

At almost the other end of the world we arrive in Japan.
Based from the Bride dress. Same plunge top as bride but without the chest chain and with closed full skirt, full black gloves, sculpt collar, sculpt glove tops. Could serve just as a nice evening gown. Only in black.
Modify Copy No Transfer 300L

I did a traditional finale for the show which is a wedding dress but with a bit of a twist.
Harajuku Bride was inspired by something I saw in a video awhile back but have been unable to find it again. It impressed me enough that I hope my memory and interpretation do it justice.
A gothic Harajuku style dress . Only in black. Flamboyant headdress, open or sheer front full skirt and large lily bouquet. Sculpt collar with handless gloves.
I've included a scripted and a non scripted version of the flowers. They however are No Modify Copy and No Transfer.
The rest of the dress is Modify Copy and No Transfer 400L

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's a Fashion Show!

Here's the other reason that I've been so quiet.
Ookami Ningen along with Raindrop Drinkwater's A2NZ are having a show!
There will be 8 new releases debuting from ON as well as a joint release from ON and A2NZ. Rain has quite a number of new releases as well.
The theme is "Around the World in 80 Days" so expect some worldly fashions!
I'll also have a little "Goody Bag" containing a special edition of one of the new releases.
The show is on Saturday June 28th at 2:00 PM SLT . This is the link for the slurl
'ON /A2NZ show
Hope to see you there and get there early as seating is limited!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sorry It's Not a New Release

This is more or less to let you know why there hasn't seemed to have been much activity at 'ON. We've been busy with our island!
Ookami Ningen is now on Ookami Ningen!
Your old Landmarks should still work to take you directly to the store

I'd also like to welcome Brazen Women Shapes and Skins who has joined us on the island.
Brazen Women Shapes and Skins presents a line of unconventional, no-nonsense avatars for SL women, including Beebo Brink's signature Dyke-in-a-Box and Takarazuka Revue figures.

There's more news but I'll post here as that comes closer to completion! Once we set a date for a Grand opening party and I have an idea of what I'll make for some gifts.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fuzzy Legwarmers

Things have been pretty busy and I'll have a lot of news and new releases soon.
In the meantime I had been asked to sell the Harajuku punk fur leg warmers separately. I don't like breaking up sets that way so instead I made some as stand alones.
They are still made with my same hand textured fur but this time I topped them with leather and metal fasteners. Each set has a pair of leg warmers with gold hardware or silver hardware.
They come in black, brown or white and are found at Ookami Ningen.
Modify, copy and no transfer. 100L per set.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zulu Warrior and Maiden

The men's part of this release was a special request by a friend. Traditionally there are no female warriors but I really wanted the women's counterpart. The pieces are historically accurate with a few of my own touches such as the female headdress. How could I resist a request when it was based on fur!
Each set consists of a fur thong on underwear and pants layer, a prim loincloth, furred leggings with a sock base, fur arm bands, shield, a posed Nguni fighting stick, non scripted Nguni fighting stick, headdress appropriate to gender, and with the female set I've added an asymmetrical leopardskin top with optional fur trim.
As an added bonus Beebo Brink of Brazen Women Shapes and Skins has allowed me to include for free two skins for each gender. Both have the choice of a bald skin for wear with any hair and a skin that has a close cropped afro. All based on eloh's skins.
Find these for 250L per set at Ookami Ningen.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sylvan Fur Easter Freebie!

Happy Easter weekend!
Here's a little purple outfit to wear and what makes it great is it's free!
A fur top, fur shorts, rope belt. flexi prim skirt and topped by a fur stole.
The set is modify, copy and no transfer and can be found free till Sunday March 23 midnight SLT
at Ookami Ningen.

Another Silly Group Freebie - Fuzzy Bunny

Happy Easter weekend!
Just another silly I made for the group. A fuzzy set of ears , a fuzzy tail and a basket full of easter eggs. Wear them as is or with a favorite outfit.
Permissions are No mod, copy, No transfer. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A couple more St. Pat's things

Two more things and this time they are both available in the store only till tomorrow night (SLT). Search for Ookami Ningen.
First we have the Harajuku Punk Furs in green. The perms are No mod, copy, No tran on this set but they are free!
The second (not pictured) is a sculpted shamrock pillow with a nice little lay pose.
Perms are No mod, copy, No transfer and it's only 1L !
I'm not sure yet if I'll have some things in time for Easter but I'll try so stay tuned.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Silly Gift for St. Patrick's

Just something a little whimsical. A parasol with a pose and that has tiny shamrocks raining on it.
I'm sending this out to my group but for those of you not in it you may also find it as part of the prize package in the Dublin Treasure Hunt.
Details for that here

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Group Member Gift

I've finally joined and installed Subscribe-O-Matics in my store and wanted to send a little gift for those that switched over from the in world group and those that have recently joined. I'll be doing a few holiday freebies through it as well as release announcements. This is the first test of the system and the item I'm sending out in a few minutes to those that "have already joined". I may have another St Pat's or green themed item to send out within a day or two! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Astral Harem Sets

I really love my friends in SL as they constantly make me challenge myself.
There had been some discussion about old sci-fi pulp magazines and the sort of spacey harem outfits they wore on the covers. Next thing you know my friends were egging me on. This is the result.

Swirly solid and sheer satin paired with heavier gold accents on multiple pieces gives you many style options.
Each color set consists of bikini tops on both underwear and shirt layers, bikini thongs on underwear and pants layers, harem pants with a pair of sculpted legs, an asymmetrical top to be worn with a sheer and satin prim asymmetrical sleeve, a two drape prim skirt, a three drape prim skirt, leather and gold bracer which balances well with the lone sleeve and topped off with a matching gemmed torc.

There are 6 colors to choose from aubergine (purple), incarnadine (red), jade (green), midnight (black), tourmaline (teal) and twilight (blue). All are modify, copy and no transfer. I'll have these up on SLEX and OnRez within a few days as well for gifting.
Each set can be found at Ookami Ningen for just 300 L per set.