Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine! New Dark Eros Sets!

Elegant dresses with rich detail and colors.
The dress sets include top, pants, shrug, top and shrug on jacket layer, gloves, sculpt cuffs, 2 prim skirts. They come in 6 colors. The skirts have a resize script for ease of altering but are still modify, copy and no transfer. 250L per set.

The gloves sets include two pairs of fingerless gloves in two different lengths as well as matching sculpt cuffs. They also come in 6 colors and are modify , copy and no transfer. 50L per set.

I should have the full fingered gloves done within the nxt couple of days.

There's also a set of the gloves out as a freebie in Valentine pink.
I've also made a special edition of the Dark Eros dress but you won't be able to see or buy it until the RFL Clothing Fair.

Ookami Ningen