Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello SL!

I've been away for a bit... quite a bit it seems. I was on a long and much needed hiatus but life is doing it's circular thing so it appears I'm back.

To start with I'm moving my store and have decided to do a big sale.

I'll be retiring a number of items to make way for new things. These will go for 10- 50L and will be No Transfer. The sale starts August 15 and ends Labour day. I'll be deleting these from my inventory once the sale is over. All Sales Final.

I'm also setting up a permanent 1L area. You'll find my ribbons there!

While I'm at it I'm finally switching over some older but still well selling items to Modify/ Copy / No Transfer.

Last but not least I'm reducing prices on most of my remaining creations. I'll keep this up with lower price points for any future releases as well. The Market Place won't reflect the new prices till the end of the month so you'll have to come in store for the bargains!