Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frou Frou to You!

Wow it's been awhile thanks to a dead computer and a half failed back up.
A couple of releases I was working on before my lil disaster.

First up is Frou Frou. A lil gothy, a lil lolli and a lot sexy. Lots of satin , tulle and of course crosses!
The set includes a top on jacket layer, lil shorts with lace, a sculpt neckline, 2 sculpt sleeves, a tulle and satin prim skirt and a pair of satin and lace sculpt bracers with a glove glitch layer. It comes in black or wine and is modify, copy and no transfer. 250 L each.

I liked the bracers a lot so decided to make them in leather as a separate release. They come in 5 colors black, blue, purple , red and teal and also include matching glitch layers.
A green set (not pictured) was sent out as a group gift.
Modify, copy and no transfer they are 50 L each color.

Find them at Ookami Ningen.

Stay tuned as I'm working on some nice furs and Christmas goodies!

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