Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sorry It's Not a New Release

This is more or less to let you know why there hasn't seemed to have been much activity at 'ON. We've been busy with our island!
Ookami Ningen is now on Ookami Ningen!
Your old Landmarks should still work to take you directly to the store

I'd also like to welcome Brazen Women Shapes and Skins who has joined us on the island.
Brazen Women Shapes and Skins presents a line of unconventional, no-nonsense avatars for SL women, including Beebo Brink's signature Dyke-in-a-Box and Takarazuka Revue figures.

There's more news but I'll post here as that comes closer to completion! Once we set a date for a Grand opening party and I have an idea of what I'll make for some gifts.

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