Friday, September 5, 2008

Dark Soul Bracers and Rose Belts

I love accessories and not only make them but I buy a fair amount as well. I had wanted a belt I could wear over simpler dresses and found a few nice ones but not what I had pictured in my head so I decided to make one.
I've only posted pictures four of them here but there are two metal bases, dark and gold. Each has five leather colors to chose from, black, blue, purple, red and teal that also has a complimentary dark gem.
The green sets were sent out as a group gift.
The belts are modify, copy and no transfer and are 75 L each.

I've also made a set of studded bracers as my partner had requested ones like these a few times. There is a large and a small pair included. They are modify, copy and no transfer and are 100L for both sets.
Find these at Ookami Ningen.

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