Monday, March 16, 2009

RFL 2009 Clothing Fair

The RFL holds a more special place in my heart this year. One of my dearest real life friends is currently in a battle with the beast known as cancer. I urge you all to take advantage of some of the unique and beautiful items made by a number of designers this year. These are my humble offerings.

The Dark Eros dress is a version I did in chocolate. I really like rich browns and wanted this color for myself so I thought I'd share my favorite with you for RFL. It includes a top, shrug, top and shrug together on a jacket layer, shorts, gloves, sculpt cuffs and two different flexi skirts.
Modify (the prim parts include a deletable script for ease of resizing), copy and no transfer it sells for 250L and all proceeds to the RFL.

Keeping in the earthy brown and pirate theme I offer Asian Pirate Earth. Based a little from Wako and Kaizoku pirates it also includes my love of fur and my own wild imagination. It consists of a three piece flexible dark mink fur shrug, a jacket glitch layer, laced up top, shorts, pants and a flexi skirt.
Modify (with a script as well), copy and no transfer it sells for 300L and all proceeds go to RFL.

I've also released Asian Pirate in a black (night) version and it will still be available after the RFL campaign has ended as a regular item in my store.

These can currently only be found at my booth Ookami Ningen in the Persian Gulf sim (3) of the clothing fair. Later moving to my main store Ookami Ningen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Gloving from Ookami Ningen

I've finally finished the Dark Eros full fingered gloves sets. These like the fingerless come in 6 colors aubergine (purple), ebony (black), incarnadine (red), jade (green), tourmaline (teal) and twilight (royal blue). They include a long and short pair with matching sculpts cuffs in each set.
Modify, Copy , No Transfer 50L per set

Find them at Ookami Ningen.

More info on the releases for the RFL Clothing Fair and SLURLs will be in an announcement sometime late next week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine! New Dark Eros Sets!

Elegant dresses with rich detail and colors.
The dress sets include top, pants, shrug, top and shrug on jacket layer, gloves, sculpt cuffs, 2 prim skirts. They come in 6 colors. The skirts have a resize script for ease of altering but are still modify, copy and no transfer. 250L per set.

The gloves sets include two pairs of fingerless gloves in two different lengths as well as matching sculpt cuffs. They also come in 6 colors and are modify , copy and no transfer. 50L per set.

I should have the full fingered gloves done within the nxt couple of days.

There's also a set of the gloves out as a freebie in Valentine pink.
I've also made a special edition of the Dark Eros dress but you won't be able to see or buy it until the RFL Clothing Fair.

Ookami Ningen

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's a half price sale!

I've reduced the Camella Coat Dresses from 250 to 125L. All my older ribbons have been reduced from 25 to 10 L or less. A few other selected items throughout the store, including some menswear and cloaks, have been reduced as well. Look for the red sale sticker! In store only.

Ookami Ningen