Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zulu Warrior and Maiden

The men's part of this release was a special request by a friend. Traditionally there are no female warriors but I really wanted the women's counterpart. The pieces are historically accurate with a few of my own touches such as the female headdress. How could I resist a request when it was based on fur!
Each set consists of a fur thong on underwear and pants layer, a prim loincloth, furred leggings with a sock base, fur arm bands, shield, a posed Nguni fighting stick, non scripted Nguni fighting stick, headdress appropriate to gender, and with the female set I've added an asymmetrical leopardskin top with optional fur trim.
As an added bonus Beebo Brink of Brazen Women Shapes and Skins has allowed me to include for free two skins for each gender. Both have the choice of a bald skin for wear with any hair and a skin that has a close cropped afro. All based on eloh's skins.
Find these for 250L per set at Ookami Ningen.